Ownership actively contributes to the cultural community as an expression of ongoing commitment to excellence in the visual arts and architecture.

Since 2005, 499 Park has underwritten contemporary art exhibitions in the building's lobby gallery. Working with internationally renowned curators, galleries and artists, the building has sponsored over 25 rotating shows during that time, primarily focusing on work by mid- to late-career artists as well as work from artists' estates. Representative shows have included painting, prints, photography, small scale sculpture, and installations.

Among the artists whose work have been exhibited are: Thomas Downing, Doug Ohlson, Ray Parker, Robert Swain, Tadasky, John Walker and Richard Anuskiewicz.

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Julian StanczakJulian Stanczak Brochure
Recent PaintingsJohn Walker Brochure
Series DTadasky (Tadasuke Kuwayama) Brochure

Color RelativityGabriele Evertz Brochure
Bursting BubblesJiří Georg Dokoupil Brochure
Line and SpaceRichard Anuszkiewicz Brochure
Color As PrimeRobert Swain Brochure
Color Into LineRay Parker Brochure
Heroic AbstractionDoug Ohlson Brochure
Washington Color PainterThomas Downing Brochure
Jon Schueler's SongJon Schueler Brochure
Architecture of DesireNorman Bluhm Brochure
Color Field PaintersFriedel Dzubas, Dan Christensen Brochure
Mapping Infinity and MoreTheodoros Stamos Brochure
Action PainterEdvins Strautmanis Brochure
The Altered LandscapeRandy Bolton, Jay Hart, Kim Keever, Stephanie Lempert, David Maisel Brochure
Patterns and ProgressionsLarry Schulte Brochure
Them, You, UsTina Barney, Doug Hall, Chuck Close, Alex Kat Brochure
This is BigJuan Gomez, Laura Mcphee, Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Polidori, Neva Sills Brochure
Ways of SeeingJames Biederman, Mary Heilmann, Joel Longenecker, Ryan Mcginness, Abelardo Morell Brochure
Coastal ViewsJon Imber, Massimo Vitali Brochure
SurfacingDoug Hall, Karl Pilato, Robert Polidori, Robert Zakanitch, John Zinsser Brochure
Walpole's LeapCharles Butterly, Michael Goldberg, Santi Moix, Abelardo Morell, Jon Nathanson, Lucio Pozzi, Lynn Stern, John Zinsser Brochure
The IndependentsJasmina Danowski, Hisao Hanafusa, Nancy Haynes, Roberto Juarez, Frank Metz, Tony Palladino, John Zinsser Brochure
Staged RealitiesJeremy Blake, Oliver Boberg, Peter Garfield, Kim Keever, David Levinthal Brochure